Hi, first of all i am far away from programing, so maybe i dont understan some aspects and ect, i just write and mark what i see different from what i want to see. Maybe some things i could correct by myself? As asministrator, so please inform me 🙂

1. Example [expected]

What I would like to change.

1-2.  Banners are to big, 1 nr. bunners must be the same size as photo  nr 2. If it is problem or wrong dessision to make not standart banners, so then leave only 2 banners, but  the same size as nr 2 photo. Or make Nr 2 a little bigger.

Nr 3. must be 11 positions of banners, now are 4?  so i dont know maybe it is ok, maybe i could add positions by myself?

Nr. 33 missed categories[not tags]

NR.  4  must be categories not the tags.

NR. 5 missed big banner.

Inside page example  [expected]

Nr 6.  This two are in reverse place, if it is problem to change  then please insert the category pink button.

NR. 7 Borders, colors, background, please take a look to example picture slightly higher.

NR. 8  Pleace leave only one method to comment, and we prefer facebook.

And also one banner is missed.

Poker rooms.


Now on page:



Completely different layout, do you agree?.  The model  was taken from  please take the look, pay attention  easily is  to control this page.  Please make corection.


Staregy insede page must look like news inside pade.

Video page:

Please take a look at black color,  this is not tags, this is filters. On filter will be 8 categorys.

Red color, 3 country flags, tmaybe one video will be on english and the other on lithuanian ?

Blue and purple take a look that colors are the same as levels of dificult, did you saw that? Must be 4 diferent colors for each level.


video inside page:

And did you make our league inside pade ?

If you have questions ore need more information please contact:  skype:  Brilijant


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